Raspberry and Vanilla Spiral Cookies


Ever since I saw the AMAZING spiral cookie photos from Sprinkle Bakes, I have been dying to find any excuse to try the recipe.Today Offspring 17months. My little big human loves sweet treats, so I thought 'why not'. Yumbos!Now I have to admit I suck at following recipes. Generally because I get carried away and there are always distractions etc etc.. so this is my version of the recipe. Ingredients2 cups standard flour½ teaspoon baking powder¼ teaspoon salt⅔ cup icing sugar¼ cup castor sugar283gm butter, room temperature1 teaspoon vanilla2 teaspoon raspberry extract, or whatever you what1 teaspoon(or more) pink food coloring1 tablespoon standard flour 1 cup 100's and 1000's Prehead oven...

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Potato, Honey and Thyme Bread


Comfort food is my medicine. You may say what the hell lady? Carbo loading much? Yeah I know... but it is so good.This is super simple, looks great and tastes delicious. Serve with your favourite pasta dish, chunky homemade tomato sauce or whatever..Ingredients:1 homemade or store bought pizza dough2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil1 tablespoon honey, melted1 agria potato, thinly sliced4 sprigs thymemaldon salt and freshly cracked black pepperPreheat oven to 200Roll dough to about 1cm thick. Place on baking sheet lined with baking paperBrush with half the olive oilBrush with honey, avoid the edgesPlace potatoes on top, brush with...

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