Tarte aux Fraises with Pistachio Crumble

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For me, this is about as mouthwatering as it gets.

Strawberries and cream - although not just any cream, French pastry cream. Ooo la la.


Sweet Short Pastry
1 portion of Pasta Frolla - Option Two

9 egg yolks
225 g caster sugar
85 g plain flour
660 ml milk, full fat
300 ml, pouring cream
1 vanilla bean, seeds only

Pistachio Crumble
1/2 c pistachios
30 g caster sugar
45 g plain flour
1 tsp lemon zest
1/4 tsp cinnamon
40 g butter

3 punnets of strawberries, washed and sliced in halves and quarters
2 tbsp strawberry jam, gently melted over a low heat with a little water

For the custard, in a large bowl whisk yolks and sugar together until thick, pale and creamy. Whisk in flour.
Over a medium heat, bring the milk, cream and vanilla to a gentle simmer in a large pot.
Remove liquid from heat and slowly (pouring and whisking at the same time) pour the milk into the egg mixture. Do this slowly so everything is incorporated.
Return mixture to the pan and place back on the stove. Gently cook over a low heat for 5-6 minutes, gently whisking continuously until the mixture thickens.
Remove from heat. Pour into a bowl, cover the skin with glad wrap and allow to come to room temperature. Roughly 4 hours.
Just before you use the custard, give the mixture a good whisk to smooth it out.

To make the crumble, blitz the pistachios in a blender till fine. I like mine to be a good mix of meal and large pieces of nut.
Add the sugar, flour, zest and cinnamon. Whiz to combine.
Add the butter and roughly rub into the mixture.
Place on a baking paper lined tray and pop into a 200 degree oven for 3-6 minutes. Keep and eye on the tray as nuts can cook really quickly.
Set aside to cool.

To assemble, arrange your cooled tart case on the platter or stand you want to use. Pour in the custard. Allow the mixture to settle for 20 minutes.
Arrange strawberries. Coat berries with glaze.
Sprinkle over crumble.

Serve. Enjoy!

NOTE - This tart can be chilled over night. The custard will set more, however it is spectacular on the day of making.

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  • Lesley on

    I like the unusual pastry base and topping – taking strawberry tarts to a different level. Looks very yummy!

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