B L O G — Drinks

Gin, Kiwi, Ginger and Mint Cocktails


Super refreshing and perfect for sunny afternoons in the garden.Ingredients3 golden kiwi fruit3 oranges, skin and pith removed120 ml Tanqueray 10 gin20 ml CointreauAngostura bittersIceGinger beerFresh mintIn a blender, blitz the kiwi fruit and 2 oranges. Strain through a fine sieve. Reserve liquid.In each glass pour 30ml gin, 5 ml Cointreau, a dash of bitters and distribute the kiwi juice into each glass. Stir.Fill each glass with ice and top with ginger beer.Garnish with mint and a slice of orange.Serve. Enjoy!

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Antioxidant Smoothie

Breakfast / Brunch Drinks

It was a pretty long cold winter and I ate way too much comforting (fat induced) food which has taken residence on my derrière.Fresh cleansing smoothies in the morning are absolutely my new thing and I have not felt this good in ages.Please check out the website for Nuzest. Their products are absolutely amazing and so so so good for you.Ingredients⅓ c frozen organic blueberries⅓ c frozen organic raspberries½ banana1 tbsp goji berries2 heaped tsp NuZest Good Green Stuff2 tbsp LSA2 tsp quinoa flakes1 tsp white chia seeds1 tsp black chia seeds1 tsp psyllium husk1 tsp cinnamon⅛ tsp cayenne pepper½...

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