Roast Chicken and Herbed Mayo Sandwiches

Afternoon Tea / Baked Goods Canapes

Summer is coming and these little sandwiches are perfect for afternoon cocktail parties or high tea lunch. You can make them ahead. Cover with a lightly damp paper towel and keep in the fridge.

1 roast chicken, cooked and meat pulled
1 cup Mamas Pantry Mayonnaise
1/2 c Italian parsley
1/4 c fresh thyme
1/4 c sage
1 loaf fresh white bread, thicky sliced
1 lemon
Sea salt
Freshly ground pepper

Roughly chop all the herbs together.
Combine chicken, mayo and herbs in a large bowl. Season to taste with lemon, salt and pepper.
Arrange bread on a large board, spread with a little softened butter.
Place a spoonful on mixture onto half the slices. Top with the other slice.
Trim off the crusts.
Cut into quarters, squares or triangles both look lovely.

Serve. Enjoy!

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