Lewis Road Creamery Premium Butter


Lewis Road Creamery have introduced 4 stunning products into the butter world. I would have to say that in my time of enjoying butter nothing has tasted better than what the French have produced... until now. 
To me, Lewis Road Creamery are up there with Lescure Beurre des Charentes and the ultimate butter in the world, Le Beurre Bordier. This is the kind of butter you can eat on its own. Ooooo yeah! 

This is what LRC have to say about their Premium Range -

"While our Artisan butter can only be made in small batches and varies depending on the time of year and pasture conditions, our Premium butters are blended to our specifications and have a taste profile similar to our Artisan butter that betters the best European butters. The Premium butter taste profile was created with the assistance of Ross McCallum, the founder of Kapiti Cheese, using a blend of the best Export butters. We believe we have created butters that better anything else on the supermarket shelf yet at a price which means they can be used everyday.

You’ll find our premium butter has a pleasing yellow colour that’s richer than European butters because our cows are pasture fed. The paler the butter, the more human intervention in the herd management. Try an American butter to prove the point! Our butter gets its colour from the beta carotenes which are a natural anti-oxidant. The fine moisture distribution in our premium butter is to due to the unique rolling process not unlike the rolling of the Artisan butter on our wooden rollers.
You’ll find our Premium butter is easier to spread than other butters because it stays softer when chilled. And as you should expect, our butter is completely hormone free.

Our butter is packed in a specially designed (and heavier than normal) foil that excludes light and moisture from entering but allows our butter to breathe so you can be assured of a premium butter experience."

For some recipes using this delicious butter, please stay tuned...

I agree

Moore Wilson's stock both LRC Premium butters - 250g - Lightly Salted and Unsalted - $5.49 each

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