Ginger, Blueberry and Sea Salt Chocolate Bark

Afternoon Tea / Baked Goods

This seriously could not be easier to make and it makes the perfect gift. The toppings are endless!

I highly recommend you invest in a sugar thermometer to get an accurate temperature for the melted chocolate. Tempering is relatively easy if you take your time. See instructions below.


2 c 50% dark chocolate
½ c crystallised ginger, sliced
½ c freeze dried blueberries
Sea Salt

Line a large flat baking tray with baking paper.

Temper chocolate as per instructions
Pour chocolate onto the baking sheet and use a palette knife to spread thin.
Gently lift the tray and tap on work surface to release any air pockets.
Sprinkle over toppings while chocolate is still wet.
Allow to set.
Snap into shards.

Serve. Enjoy!

To Temper Chocolate

1. Place a clean dry bowl over very gently simmering water. Add ⅔ required chocolate. Melt to 49 degrees. Remove from heat. Stir constantly. This is called the seeding method.

2. Add remaining ⅓ solid chocolate and stir into melted chocolate. Allow to sit for 5 minutes to help solid chocolate absorb heat. By slowly working the solid chocolate into the melted chocolate they will combine. This may take a little time.

3. Rest chocolate to 28 degrees.

4. Place melted chocolate back on heat and bring up to 32 degrees. This is called the working temperature.

Your chocolate is ready. If you find the chocolate starts to set just remelt to the working temperature.

If you over cook your chocolate, as in separate the cocoa butter not burn, the chocolate is still ok to use in baking for cakes, slices etc.

Working Temperatures

Dark Chocolate 49 / 28 / 32
Milk Chocolate 47 / 27 / 30
White Chocolate 45 / 26 / 28

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